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Founded in 1951, the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technoloy (CIFST) is the national association for food and beverage sector professionals. Its membership of approximately 1,000 individuals is comprised of scientists and technologists in industry, government and academia who are committed to advancing food science and technology. The purpose of CIFST is to advocate and promote the quality, safety and wholesomeness of the food supply through the application of science and technology by linking food science professionals from industry, government and academia.

Quebec Maple Syrup Producers

In accordance with the powers vested in it under the Act respecting the Marketing of Agricultural, Food and Fish Products, the mission of Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) is to promote the interests of Québec maple producers and to develop and enhance the full production and sales potential of Québec maple products, while respecting the principles of sustainable development.

The Maple Treat

A tradition for generations, The Maple Treat Corporation’s high quality maple syrups is 100% natural with no chemicals or preservatives. They work with over 1500 maple farmers who deliver maple syrup directly to their facilities which enable them to set a high benchmark for quality. They are the largest single purchaser of maple syrup (about 40% of all maple syrup in Quebec or 30% in the world) and one of the largest bottlers of maple syrup in the world. Every drum of syrup that arrives at their facility is independently graded by an accredited third party which guarantee the authenticity and quality of their syrup.