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Students representing the same school will work in groups of 3-5 to create an idea for a finished good that incorporates maple flakes and/or maple sugar. The group will submit their

ideas through video via Instagram or TikTok using the hashtag the #mapleinnovationchallenge. Video submissions will be accepted starting Friday September 16th until October 21, 2022 midnight EST.

A written submission must be entered through themapleinnovationchallenge.ca as well. Videos will be evaluated for interest level and the originality of the idea. 

The initial submission doesn’t need to include the finished good, but the team should describe the innovation.


Groups that qualify for the 2nd round will be notified by November 2nd and a maple starter kit will be sent. Each group must prepare a brochure, spec sheet and nutritional data. Innovations need to be shelf stable. 

The deadline for receiving the finished goods and supporting materials is November 25th.


Judging criteria will be based on the following:

  • Innovation and Originality – 25
  • Product Characteristics (Taste, texture) – 25
  • Presentation – 25
  • Overall Consumer Value (addresses a dietary need) – 25